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Don't Worry, We're Happy

Don't Worry, We're Happy is a production that has the focus on the love-hate relationship between two damaged people who live a life full of illusions. Lonely and entangled in a habit relationship they look for satisfaction and love. But what is necessary to feel real love again or simply to 'feel' again?
The idea and the concept for the production are part of the outcome of Dansity choreographers Eva Villanueva and Pieter de Ruiter?s research about the origin of conflicts between people.
Invited by Kulturbüro Sophien, the Dansity Foundation was asked to develop a new dance/music production for the space of the St. Elisabethkirche in the Invalidenstraže in Berlin. Besides creating a new piece for this space they 'brought back' the lost organ to the St. Elisabethkirche.
For this Pieter de Ruiter and Eva Villanueva commissioned one of Holland's most experienced and acclaimed theatre and dance music composer, Harry de Wit, to create new music for organ. The composition is created in close collaboration with the muscians Jacob Lekkerkerker and Erik Woltmeijer for different organs, live applied electronics and acoustic instruments. The composition is made simultaneous with the choreography and the music and the musicians take an important place in the mise-en-scene of the dance duet and will be performed live.
The project is a co-production of the Dansity Foundation and Kulturbüro Sophien and took place on two consecutive weekends in April 2010 and was presented six times.




23, 24, 25, 30 of April and 1 and 2 of May 2010 in St. Elisabethkirche Berlin
concept and choreography:

Eva Villanueva & Pieter de Ruiter
Brit Rodemund & Henrik Kaalund
music composition:
Harry de Wit
Jacob Lekkerkerker & Erik Woltmeijer
Stijn van Bruggen
Ake Neuman
Eva Villanueva
Nico de Rooij
Ron Lageweg & John Masters
video recording:
Walter Bickman
Dansity Amsterdam & Kulturburo SOPHIEN
poster/flyer design:
poster/flyer photos:
Deen van Meer

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