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Lines & Dogs

Lines and Dogs is a dance-production made and performed on location. This evening, with two choreographies, has been created in close collaboration with the young dutch composer Michiel Mensingh and the orchestra 'De Ereprijs'. Mensingh wrote a new music-score for this unique orchestra, wich is based in Apeldoorn (NL). The piece was created especially for the industrial rehearsal- and performance space of 'De Ereprijs', the ACEC Building.

In 'Lines & Dogs' a central role is reserved for a multi-sectioned sculpture from the Israeli visual artist Joseph Semah. This artwork titled But we know how the name had been formed, for it is not an ordinary name and it is already included in the problem of translating self-criticism, is exhibited in many places, amongst others, the Gerhard-Marcks-Haus in Bremen and the Museum for Modern Art in Arnhem. The choreography is danced by Eva Villanueva, Václav Kuneš and Mitchell-lee van Rooij. The lightdesign is created by Wil Frikken.


ACEC-Gebouw, Apeldoorn
15, 16 en 17 oktober 2004
concept and choreography:
Pieter de Ruiter en Eva Villanueva
Eva Villanueva, Václav Kuneš en Mitchell-lee van Rooij
Michiel Mensingh
light design:
Wil Frikken
Martin Eberlein
Eva Villanueva, Heidi de Raad
Deen van Meer
Dansity Amsterdam,
Grand Theatre Groningen

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