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At the invitation of Het Orgelpark Amsterdam, Pieter de Ruiter and Eva Villanueva created the danceproduction Zucht.
Zucht (desire, wish, craving, longing, yearning, wanting, sigh) is a research production that focusses on the love-hate relationship between two damaged people who live a life full of illusions. Lonely and entangled in a habit relationship they look for satisfaction and love. What will revive their love?
For this production, that is produced in coproduction with Het Orgelpark and specially created for their sacred space, composer Harry de Wit developed a composition for four organs, digital music and live applied electronic music.
Zucht is the first step in a new series of research productions by Dansity Amsterdam. The research will lead to the creation of a definite touring production in which dance, theatre and music will be merged.



March 12th till March 15th exclusively in Het Orgelpark Amsterdam
Concept, direction and choreography:
Pieter de Ruiter, Eva Villanueva
Brit Rodemund and Henrik Kaalund
Harry de Wit
Jacob Lekkerkerker and Erik Woltmeijer
Light design:
Stijn van Bruggen
Sound design :
Jannes Noorman
Costume design:
Eva Villanueva
Louwrens Ellens
Video recording and mastering:

Max Boeree and Heidi de Raad
Dansity Amsterdam en Het Orgelpark Amsterdam
Press photos:
Deen van Meer
Photo flyer and poster:
Walter Bickman

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